Living safely versus living bigger

My husband came home last night and looked defeated.  We sat and discussed what was going on with his job.  The issues that have come up.  A normal ebb and flow to a  company but sometimes it wears you down and this is what is happening to him.  He is loyal to his boss but at what point do take a leap for yourself?

We are finally at this place in our life where things are good.  Settled.  Calm.  We have a nice home, a good marriage, a healthy baby, a house full of love and laughter, supportive family, our bills get paid each month, we vacation a bit each year and we each have job security.  We don’t have much to complain about honestly and are very grateful to be at this place in our life.

So as I looked at him last night I thought about what it meant to be comfortable and living versus getting out of our comfort zone and living greater.  I’m not saying going sky-diving or moving to India but what is next for us?  Are we the type that are totally fine just coasting now or are we ready for our next adventure?

We have been moving fast since the day we met and we made this decision to slow down once we had Cora.  We wanted to enjoy this time with her but the baby phase is quickly giving way to the toddler phase and we are suddenly faced with a new reality.  What does the next several years of our life look like?  What is next on our list?  His busy season at work is already starting and he never saw Cora last week during the week.  That will happen again this week.  His body slows down a little more each year from the physical demands and the grueling schedule leaves me taking care of everything else.  Do we just stay with this because it works?  Because it pays the bills?  Because he is good at it?


Well, we don’t know what the alternative is.  Over the years he has thrown around ideas for other career possibilities. We know we may or may not want another kid.  We know we want to build on more land.  We know our list of places to travel grows each day.  We know we may not stay in the Midwest for forever.  We know we want to keep things exciting instead of complacent.  We know we don’t want to miss out on something great because we have fear.  We know we don’t want to get in the habit of just getting through each week instead of living more in each day.

In the quiet of our peaceful kitchen, where I could just say leave things as they are, I told my husband to shake it up a bit if he wants.  I told him we should start thinking outside the box and if we have to take a leap of faith to do that then I feel like now is a good time to do that.

Basically we don’t feel like this is it. If that makes sense.

We feel ready for a new chapter that seems to be a blank page staring back at us.  It may not be written in the next month or even in this year but we plan on starting it.


3 thoughts on “Living safely versus living bigger

  1. I live with a major risk taker and it makes me feel nervous almost daily. I am so not a risk taker. I’m a comfort zone person in a lot of ways. But one thing I have learned from my risk taking husband is that the best time to take those risks is when you’re younger. When the kid(s) are still young. Because if it doesn’t work out, there is time to rebuild your lives again. It’s also the best time because it’s when the drive and passion for change is at its highest. I think you did a great thing encouraging your hubby to shake it up a bit and see what comes of it. You don’t want him (or yourself) to spend the rest of his life wondering what he could have done back when the opportunity was there and he didn’t take it.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. We talked again last night and my thing is to do it while we are young. He is always coming home with hair brain ideas and I’m always shooting them down because we are building a house, having a baby and so on. Finally I’m on board to get moving on something and he is “meh” 🙂 Of course:)

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