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It is getting easier, this parenting thing.  We are having more good days than bad.  Quieter nights, less teething, eating better, more understanding and more independence in our household.  I don’t second guess myself as much.  All of this makes for a happier and calmer mamma.  I feel like we are getting somewhere.

As we are hitting the 19 month mark (I swear I don’t use months anymore IRL) I feel like we are rounding a serious corner.  Last summer was hard to fully enjoy with a wee one that wasn’t as mobile.  We had to be ultra careful about sun, heat and where the baby was crawling to.  Hell, the summer before that, I was pregnant and that was hard to enjoy anything.  So here we are in a place where she can run around the yard, chase the dog, get in and out of her little pool and I can water the flowers without panic.  We can explore together, play games and she doesn’t get bored at all.  The little energizer bunny just keeps going.

I feel like it is okay to put my feet up, sit back and enjoy those little moments.

Sure we have our toddler fits, which I just walk away from and she gets bored quickly and comes to get me.  Sure she throws a shit load of food on the floor for the dog but damn, she is finally eating her fruits and veges (still no meat) like it is her job. Sure there are days where I just need her to lay down for her nap already because I can’t keep up. I seriously do not have my shit together a lot of days.


She talks or signs and answers me when I ask a question so that eliminates a ton of frustration on both our parts.  When she doesn’t know a word she tries so hard to get us to understand. Can I just say how nice it is to have her be able to follow directions? Wait here with the dog so I can grab your bag.  Go get your coat.  Put that in the trash.  She loves to have something to do!  She soaks up everything.  A circle! Yes, we have that down.  What is this? A square! Cool! Half our A,B,S’s…sure! She learns something new everyday and that is pretty cool to watch.

I’m saying, it gets easier.  We are out of the baby phase and are certainly on to the next and I can tell you, I’m grateful.  Sure, the baby phase is sweet and fun but it can be exhausting and it is HARD.  I have held newborn babies lately and was happy to hand them back, no nagging feeling deep down.  Instead I was happy to walk away and my kid just walked next to me.  I have friends who would marinade in that baby phase for life if they could and I say more power to ya!  Us mammas are all built differently!

The older Cora gets though, the more people question us about a second.  My doc brought it up at my yearly appointment last week.  However, we have put the topic away until our January trip. (Aruba!)  Why then? Just a deadline in time. A time when my head will be clear enough to be able to have that conversation revisited with my husband.  I am soaking this up. I’m not ready for the newborn phase again.  I don’t know if or when I will be but right now isn’t it.

How’s the toddler phase in your household?