Second Baby Gifts

Lately I have been purchasing a lot of gifts for that second, third and even fourth baby in a family.  I can certainly say that my baby gift giving has changed since having Cora.  I will never buy another baby “outfit” because mamma isn’t going to wrangle baby into a four piece, uncomfortable outfit, to only have baby vomit all over it.  Sleepers all day, every day.

Hands down, I will always buy off the registry for the first baby.  But what about the siblings that follow?

  • Number one thing I have heard is a small gift for the older sibling(s) so they aren’t left out.  Anything that makes note of them being a big sibling is even better-shirt, book, tote bag, activity book, hat or even jewelry.
  • Diapers and wipes.  Advice though-never buy them newborn diapers.
  • Baby Tylenol, Motrin, Orajel, gas drops, diaper rash cream, etc.  All the over the counter things you don’t think about until it is the middle of the night and someone has a fever. Along these same lines- bath lotion, wash, shampoo, etc.
  • Bath toys.  Bath toys get moldy and gross.  Chances are a new round of bath toys would be appreciated.
  • New infant wash cloths and bath towels.  These all get stained, ripped, and just plain tired looking.  A nice, new, fluffy set would make baby happy.
  • Other items that get a bit worn down and could be replaced are bibs and burp rags.
  • Something personalized for new baby.  That way they have something specifically theirs that isn’t a hand me down.
  • If mamma is breast feeding then perhaps she needs new parts for her pump, a new nursing tank, shirt or bra.
  • New pacifiers, bottles, bottle nipples, or bottle brushes.  These things get used and some of it is stuff that you wouldn’t want to reuse.
  • A double stroller!
  • Is there a big item that their first kid destroyed?
  • If it has been several years since their last baby then maybe there is a hot item on the market that you know would make their life easier.
  • Gift cards.  Target, Babies R Us, Amazon, etc.  Then they can just go get what they actually need. May not seem as personal but it is the most practical.
  • Clothing.  This is one you have to be careful with.  If it is a different gender, great, buy!  If it is born opposite season, same gender, ask mamma if there are specific clothing items she needs. Same gender, same season, you are best to spend your money on something else.
  • Something special for Mom.  Spa day gift card, a meal that you can drop off, cleaning services, offer to babysit (and actually do it!) or WINE!

A few items I have heard some mom’s actually cringe over.

  • Blankets. I have to agree with this one.  We were given SO many for Cora.
  • Toys.  Most parents are drowning in these anyways and don’t want anymore.
  • Books.  Especially board books.  Again, drowning in them.
  • Stuffed animals.  These things multiply at night when we aren’t looking.
  • Clothing. Like I said, this goes both ways.

Personally I believe every new baby deserves a gift and something new of their own!

What are your ideas for second, third, fourth baby gifts? What are the things you would never buy?

4 thoughts on “Second Baby Gifts

  1. Oh my goooood the blankets. BLANKETS EVERYWHERE!! The entire top shelf of our linen closet is stacked in baby blankets that I haven’t been able to sell and don’t really want to just give away because they are all high quality ones. So there they sit. Reminding me of H’s baby days when I barely used them because he hated to be swaddled! I think, for me, onesies are the one thing that I wish I received more of. H lived in short sleeved onesies because he was born in a heat wave summer. They then worked in the fall for layering under pants and hoodies. Let’s face it, I was one of the few mother’s that didn’t have him living in sleepers. If we were going out, he was in an outfit! But I’m weird like that. I do wish that more people got together as a group to help us purchase the larger “big ticket” items though. Some parents have used their stroller to the point of exhaustion and maybe it’s not even designed for two kids. Or what if the older child isn’t old enough to be out of their crib yet so the parents suddenly need two cribs. I think, my priority would be to do something to focus on the mom. We all know her life is about to get turned upside down going from one kid to two, so something to help her keep her sanity is huge.

    1. We have the same pile of blankets! And I feel so bad because some are hand made but really, when will we ever use ALL of them:) I actually had onesies coming out of my ears. Useful, yes, but man there were just so many. I think if mine wasn’t a fall/winter baby I would have put her in outfits when we went out more but by then it was all about keeping her warm. I’m right there with you on the big ticket items. I don’t think family/friends go in on those as much as they used to!

  2. It’s funny Aviana got only 1 toy! We thought everyone would buy her toys so we didn’t buy any!!! But it was nice to go out buy what we wanted for her. I bought one new toy a week. She now has way too many 😳 but definitely for a second baby toys are a bad idea!
    I think the idea of recognizing the older sibling is really important!! It isn’t easy for them, whatever the age gap!

    1. We didn’t get but a few toys as well! But man, I was always grabbing one here and there at the store and the next thing you know, you are surrounded:) haha!

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