Our Summer Bubble

In my part of the world, children started back to school this week, their summer coming to an end.  The pool shut down, the town quieted down during the day, and routines resumed.  I, for one, believe it should be illegal to start school back up until after Labor Day.  It just makes sense to this summer loving girl.  So now Cora and I are forced back into her little plastic pool in the backyard to soak up the last of the summer.

Two summers ago I was pregnant and lets just face it, pregnant in the summer can be a bummer.  Last summer Cora was itty bitty and while we could get out and do things, it wasn’t the same.  I was waiting for this summer with such anticipation.  We could do all the fun summer things! And that we have.

We took the summer off from swim lessons, ditched our play dates and I took the summer off from going to Piyo classes.  Basically, I didn’t want any scheduled things so we could just do as we wanted.  I mean, I still had to work my three days but otherwise we were free to do what sounded like fun. Me and my girl left to soak up the sun and the long days of summer.

There has been fairs, rodeos, pool days, long walks, shopping trips, lazy rainy days, the zoo and everything in between.  Naps skipped, late nights outside and a sweaty, dirty, toddler going to bed some nights without a bath.

My husband and I have worked on him and I/our future a lot this summer too.  Which is weird considering this is his busiest time but something seriously had to give.  Without going into a ton of detail, he took control of his career and a lot of changes have been made and will be made.  By this time next summer, things should be very different.  The beginning phase has already been a huge relief and Cora gets to see her Dad more than just on the weekends.

The hubs and I are also getting out every Sunday morning for a standing golf date.  It seems to be much easier than coordinating an evening out.  Honestly, our marriage is really damn good right now and I’m really proud of us.  We work hard on our marriage, we put the time and effort into it and one another so it is nice to see how far we have come and how good the future looks.  I just didn’t have that with my first marriage.

All in all, a summer spent in a bubble that I don’t want to end.  We still have a vacation next week and warm days ahead that I will hold onto tightly.  My friends are cheering the start of school, the impending onset of fall and all things that come with it and I have my fingers in my ears, completely ignoring them.

I’m seriously finding it easier to just live in this moment that we are in.  I’m finding it easier to be content with the NOW instead of rushing to the next phase. Perhaps it is because I look back, at the end of each season, and see how much Cora has grown in just that short amount of time. I don’t want to rush it all away because she will be even bigger the next season.  I really don’t want to wish any of it away.  (Yes, I’m totally writing one of those disgusting blog posts that is full of happy and sunshine, it happens.)  So for all those asking, summer doesn’t officially end until September 22 and then you can talk to me about pumpkin spice everything.


4 thoughts on “Our Summer Bubble

  1. Watching your summer has made me envious of how many awesome things you guys have done!! Amazing memories for you and your husband and so many great photos for Cora to look back on one day and she can say how kick ass her parents are for doing all the awesome things! When winter hits you will need the summer memories to keep you guys going knowing that another amazing summer will be right around the corner!

  2. love love LOVE this!!! I could sense your calm – both of yours – during your visit and you both just seem to be right where you are meant to be xoxo

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