Nearing the second birthday

We are nearing in on Cora’s second birthday and I am making my way down the checklist of things to do for the big day.  Once again, this year, we are not only celebrating her second birthday but we are celebrating everyone who helped get us to this point!

As my husband and I worked on the guest list, we got real.  I want people to be there that are a part of Cora’s life.  Not the people who she sees once a year at Christmas.  I want to raise a glass to the people who she has slowly, ever so fucking slowly, let in her life because she hates people. I want to have the people there that actually want to be there. The people who are normally lounging around our house on wine night or come to crash at our place for a long weekend, the people that are raising their kids next to mine, the people that know to use my bathroom after Cora goes to bed because the guest bathroom flushing will wake her, the people who know how to get their own drink out of the fridge without asking me first.

The real people.

The people who turned last years party into a 12 hour event.

We didn’t include certain people, mainly my husband’s sister, brother and their significant others.  Trust me, my MIL gave us a look until we explained that no shits are given on our end.  I don’t believe that just because they are blood, they are family.  Cora has no clue who they are.  They come to town and don’t stop by. They know nothing about her, don’t ask about her and generally they are strangers to her.  Honestly, I’m totally cool with it.  I don’t understand people who get so worked up about family and keeping in touch.  You really can’t force it and I know my girl has so many other wonderful people who are there for her, backing her, watching her grow up, and people who really do give a damn.

The first birthday was a way to celebrate keeping our infant alive and our brains somewhat intact.  The second birthday is a way to celebrate the tribe we have surrounded ourselves with.  It is a way for her to celebrate with a few of her friends while the rest of us kick back, enjoy some good laughs and for us to personally thank everyone for helping us and supporting us as parents.  We are so grateful.



3 thoughts on “Nearing the second birthday

  1. Because I know for a fact I would be invited if I lived in the same town….state…or country lol….I will sit back and toast Cora with a nice big glass of wine and pretend I’m there! 2 is a big milestone! Congratulations for making it this far!!

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