Baby Brother

I’ve mentioned before that part of my coming around to the possibility of having another baby has a lot to do with Cora wanting one.  Since our big baby talk, it is like she KNOWS something we don’t.  This kid has been relentless, on a daily basis, asking about a baby brother.  Not sister, brother.  Everyone at daycare has new baby sisters, that she loves, but she is foot down, dead set on this baby brother talk.

In Target- Me: Do we need anything else while we are here? Cora: A baby brother.

Rocking her to sleep- Cora: I just miss my baby brother, bring him here. Me: Did you leave him behind? Cora: Yes.

With her friends- Cora: I will get baby brother. Me: Not pregnant dude, quit telling people that.

Driving in car- Cora: Uh baby brother at home yet? Me: Not the way it works.

Potty time- Me: Did you do a pee pee yet? Cora: Where baby brother?

I wish I was exaggerating but it is just now the running joke because I don’t know what else to say or do. She tells everyone about him.  I have a lot of explaining to do on a regular basis.  For the record-not pregnant, not trying.



5 thoughts on “Baby Brother

  1. LOL i’m so sorry but i totally laughed hard over this! Does she understand what a baby brother actually means/is? Maybe you need to find her a boy doll that she can love and play with until the day you decide if you are going to visit the route of trying. A lot of pressure on you guys to make sure, if you do try for another, that it’s going to be a boy lol! I’m imagining the epic viral video now of little girl melting down at gender reveal because it isn’t a little brother!

    1. OH she is baby doll OBSESSED. She has a million that she cares for and babies at daycare that she cuddles like crazy. She is boy crazy in general! Haha. Not so much pressure as just so weird how she mentions it…like she knows something we don’t.

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