October Chaos

October is my second favorite month, following July.  It is full of traditions, fall excitement, our anniversary, Cora’s birthday, special Halloween outings and so much more but today, I’m glad it is the last day of this month.  It has been so full of things, all wonderful, that my cup has runneth over (all over the floor really) and I need a nap….for 24 hours straight.  In fact, I went over my calendar for the next week and canceled a bunch of things and said no to a bunch of things I previously said yes too.  I over booked myself and I had to take back some control.

I got caught up in the fun and festivities and my kid started staying up too late and missing naps.  She may now believe she is in charge and I think she needs a few more time outs in her life to set her straight.  Don’t get me started on the candy corn for breakfast thing.

I let things slide and the house got messier. Please do not look under my couch cushions and don’t ask how the tear got there.

My husband’s hours ramped up before the snow flies and we crammed more into our social calendar.  Oh, but late night trip for mattresses? Sure!

I almost quit my job, should have quit my job, husband demanded I quit my job, looked for jobs, interviewed for jobs and yet here I am, still at said job.

We had some big talks and longer talks and started looking at land, talking to realtors and squeezed in a few meetings with some builders.  Have you ever had to clean the outside of your home to make it look so pristine, in the pitch black dark of night because hell, where did the sun go?

We stayed up late many nights, cheering on the Red Sox and making sure the dog got walked. I started drinking more during the week because we found ourselves adulting in bars to catch part of said games.

We celebrated life with big parties and small parties and I have a crazy amount of leftover plates and napkins, that match nothing for some reason.  At one point my home had a baby kangaroo jumping around it and tiny children holding snakes.  Literally.

I wouldn’t take any of it back but it is time to take back control.  Tomorrow we will put away all family shark costumes, hide the candy from the toddler and take a deep breath.

Happy Halloween!



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