Turning Three

For at least 5 months now, Cora has been asking for the same toy at Target.  Every week we go to the baby doll aisle, she picks up the box and stares at it lovingly. She goes over everything that comes in the box, pink baby, diaper, bottle, and binky.  Then we say goodbye to “pink baby” and get on with our shopping as she announces, “I will have pink baby at my birthday!”  If others had the joy of taking her to Target she would direct them to the right aisle to visit her beloved pink baby.

Slowly that 3rd birthday crept up and on the last trip to Target, we strolled down the aisle and pink baby was not there.  Cora cried real tears but asked, hopefully, if it was because someone bought pink baby for her birthday.  (I had indeed already made that purchase online.)

About two weeks before her birthday, Cora started to ask for a flat bed.  A bed like mommy and daddy’s and Kendall’s and Grandma’s and she listed every person with a normal adult bed-you know, a flat bed.  She currently has this exact set up for a toddler bed:

After asking for flat bed she proceeded to start sleeping on the floor or her Pottery Barn chair.  She was quite done with the toddler bed.

In the midst of our crazy October we realized the conversion rails for her crib to full size bed were on back order and decided to just go grab the mattresses.  So 8pm, the night before her birthday, there we were, heading into the city for mattresses, sheets, etc.

On the morning of her third birthday Cora woke up and excitedly asked if it was time for pink baby and flat bed.  Mind you, we never told her she was getting these things but that is literally all she talked about.  She almost cried out of happiness to sit in the middle of the living room, on flat bed and play with pink baby.  I almost cried because in that moment I was so thankful that we are able to afford this moment and capable of giving that to our child.  Simple wishes in a child’s heart.

Per her other requests we spent her birthday at the pumpkin patch and I made her  dinner that evening of hot dogs, mac and cheese and Cheetos.  She ate none of it proclaiming she was full on water, while the adults ate it all.

The next day everyone came to our home to celebrate with a Minnie safari party.  Complete with a requested blue cake with sprinkles. We had an animal rescue company bring in animals that the kiddos got to hold and learn about.  The favorites being the alligator, skunk, snake, and the best- a baby kangaroo!

Our party, as always, lasted well into the night where pizza was ordered, someone went out for more booze and the kid fell asleep on the couch amongst new toys and discarded wrapping paper.  We all nursed our own version of hangovers the next day.

To my Cora,

Three doesn’t seem so crazy.  Not as crazy as turning one or two did, maybe because the crazy milestones have slowed a bit. You are so smart, smarter than what we can handle some days and that can scare me.  We sit and do your workbooks in the evenings and I wonder how you learn so quick.  You are hilarious with your smartass comments, perhaps that is due to living with three adults.  You are my shadow and love to work out right next to me.  We can often find you dancing and singing, especially when watching Ellen.  You have a love for your baby dolls, finding the moon in the sky, digging in the dirt, pasta, play-doh, Minnie Mouse and Paw Patrol.  You never quit jumping on things, around things, over things or off of things.  I have no idea how you haven’t broken bones yet.  You are still an absolute fish and sail through the water every week. You want to grow up and be like Daddy, running a construction company and girl, go for it.  I hope you do.  You love to fix things, build things and create.  You have such a heart for your family and I think you may love your puppy even more than us some days, especially in the early morning hours.

You are our dream come true and we love you so much.

Happy third birthday crazy kid.

We love you.

4 thoughts on “Turning Three

  1. Oh my, I love this! Happy birthday to your little girl! We just transitioned to a big boy bed after deciding to skip the convertible crib stage and our kid loves it!!! He asks daily if he get to sleep in his big boy bed and is so happy when we say yes. (His crib is still in his room because we havent had time to take it down, so I think he’s worried we will make him sleep in it again).

    1. Isn’t it just crazy how they wake up one day and are ready to move on to the next step?! Just like that! I love it. Glad your transition went well!!

  2. (belated) happiest of birthdays to sweet Cora! I am still chuckling over the fact that she calls it a flat bed. The things these kids come up with! The pictures of the birthday party were amazing and, not gonna lie, I totally would have been up front and center to try to pat that Kangaroo. Kids be damned! lol.

    We are still working on convincing Hunter that his big boy bed is actually pretty darn cool. So far he just wants to play on it during the day but come bed time he won’t go near it. Like it’s going to poison him or something. We decided not to push it and when he’s ready for it, he can move over.

    1. Her party was such a blast and the adults were the worst with that baby kangaroo! We all wanted to smother the poor thing! haha!
      Hunter will surprise you one day and be all about that big boy bed. No need to push him at all!

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