About Me

Hi, I’m Sanibel.

I am 34 years old and I live in a place surrounded by small towns and cornfields.  My 20’s were, like most people’s, filled with trial and errors.  Also known as, mistakes or properly called, life teaching you a lesson.  In my case it was more swift kicks in the ass.

I married my college sweetheart because it was the next step to take and everyone said he was a perfect man.  Which he was and is but just not for me.  We learned the hard way that marriage is not easy, which I thought I knew, but obviously I didn’t.  Through a long and hard story, that has been shared in another blog, I got a divorce.  We made mistakes in that marriage that make people look at you differently.  I hit my rock bottom and rebuilt my life because I was given no other choice.  I tasted the tears of sorrow, I felt the weight of failure and felt heartbreak as I never had before.

I focused on myself,  helped others through my own story, met amazing friends and learned to embrace life again.  Divorce is something no one talks about and I can honestly say that it was one of the hardest things I have gone through but the best experience life could offer me. I moved forward and kept in mind everything I had learned.

I guess you could say I didn’t believe in love for me but I was happy with where I was at.  I was happy with who I was finally as a person, which is probably why a man walked into my life when I least expected it.

My husband walked in the door one day and swept me off my feet.  Actually I planned to just throw him in my calendar and juggle him with a few other guys but he had other plans.  I’m glad he did.  In October 2012 we were married on a beach in Mexico where I cried tears of happiness as we shared our vows.

After three years of ups and downs we welcomed our first baby girl, Cora, on October 20, 2015.  I have also been raising 14 year old, Rebecca, since she was a baby and you can go to the pages section to read more on her and our infertility journey.

This story is my happily ever after.  A happily ever after that was not handed to me but one I went through hell to get to.   I am here to tell you that you are not the mistakes that you have made in life because I am defined by much more.  You are the person that has grown from the lessons learned.

This is not just a whole new chapter in my life, but a whole new book. It is a book that holds infertility, alzheimers, building a home, navigating a second marriage, co-parenting, parenting, a crazy black lab, and the journey to find a career that fits me.  Welcome.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. ‘filled with trial and error’ is a perfect way to describe the 20’s as I’m learning! Thanks for sharing your blog, I really enjoy your style of writing.

  2. I follow your blog…it’s fab! I have too suffered pregnancy losses, my blog is kazzlmillard.wordpress.com it’s called miscarriage and marathon if you would like a peek…xxx
    Ps…I too like a wine xx

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