Rebecca’s Story

I have a 14 year old that I have been raising since she was a baby.  Here we call her Rebecca, after her favorite American Girl Doll.   It is a long complicated story but here is a start.  You can really start at the first post and continue to click through as they were all written together.  They were also all written before Cora was born.

To Tell Her Story, Is to Tell Mine

Our First Meeting

College Life, Meet Rebecca

Where the Tables Began to Turn

Fight or Flight

Finding a Lawyer

The First Document

No One to Come and Save Us

Being Composed while being Deposed

Keeping it Together

Preparing for a Battle

Inside the Courtroom

Taking the Stand

“Faith is, at one and the same time, absolutely necessary and altogether impossible.” -Stanislaw Lem

The Aftermath

“It Is During Our Darkest Moments That We Must Focus to See the Light.”

This is our Story, Our Family

Teenage Pregnancy Part One

Teenage Pregnancy Part Two