Cora’s Second Birthday


It has been two months since we have celebrated your second birthday but I knew I would get to your second birthday letter eventually.

We celebrated with a puppy themed birthday party, at our home, with 50 of your closest friends and family for 10 hours.  I say that jokingly because our house was stuffed to the brim with bodies, presents, children and most importantly a lot of fun and laughter, while it poured down rain outside.  Luckily, we could shove all of you kids in the bounce house, in the basement, to burn off some serious excitement.  You had a blast.

Look at us, we made it, two years.

You are no longer a babbling baby.  You are a little person with your own opinions, thoughts and ideas about life.  You talk full sentences which helps us know all those lovely opinions.  It also helps you sing along with the radio, which weirds me out how you know all the words.  You are so good at conveying your emotions though, either through signing or actual words.  Currently, if we ask why you are crying, you will say I just don’t know right now!  Cracks us up enough to make you laugh as well.

You still sleep with a binky and I really don’t care because I see that baby still tucked in her crib at night and soak it up.  You have been potty training on your own for several months now but lately decided to kick it up a notch and take it more seriously.  I’ve been letting you take the lead on that which has been nice. I don’t foresee too many more diapers in our future.

You absolutely love puppies and animals in general, which is why we spend a lot of time at the zoo.  You have also been obsessed with jumping.  We recently had to take down your trampoline for the winter but thankfully you have a bounce house to help feed your jumping habit.  The kids gym is another favorite place to go because not only can you jump there but you can swing off the rings into the pit.  I see bungee jumping in your future. The day you turned two, you moved out of your baby swim class and into your own toddler class where mamma no longer needs to get into the pool.  While I was thrilled about this, you were not, but you are such a fish.  You can get a few feet under water by yourself and can hold your back float, alone, for 5 seconds.  It is so impressive.

When you hit 18 months you finally let you grandparents hold you, without screaming.  In the past few months we have been able to leave you, at home, with a legit babysitter.  What I’m saying is, you are finally handling some people a bit better which eases mammas stress a little bit.  You are still quite picky about which people but I will take it.  In the long run I just think you are a really good judge of character!

One of the longest running issues with you has been that horrible car seat.  The day we turned you forward facing was life changing for us.  I don’t want to pull my hair out taking you somewhere now and you love that you can point out all the big trucks on the road.  You still really love your trucks, especially the ones on daddy’s job sites.

You officially have friends now and ask about them when you haven’t seen them in a while.  I’m going on record to say that Wade will one day take you to a high school dance and no one will be shocked.  You two love one another so much and your little mind exploded the day he came to our house to play.  It helps his Mom likes wine too:)

You are definitely my little side kick and are always up for an adventure.  You think your daddy hung the moon and will still fall asleep with him, in your rocker, which makes me a bit jealous.  You love your aunt and love when she gives you baths the most because she fills the tub way too high.  You are well-behaved but you do have an irish temper in there. Sometimes you put yourself in time-out because you know you need a second to sort your emotions out.

I said it when you turned 18 months but again, you are getting easier the older you get.  Some days we totally have our shit together and other days we are a hot mess and can’t get out the door.  At the end of every day though, Daddy and I are so very grateful for you.

Happy second birthday toot-toot.  We love you.


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