We are so close to closing

Come Monday we are closing on our house.  With fingers crossed, prayers, a visit to a priest, candles lit and whatever else we come up with for luck-we will close.

Last week I was talking to a friend of mine who happens to be a psychic.  Yea, the real kind.  He reminded me that sometimes things are just meant to push us to the edge to remind us just how far we can go.  He told me to push one more time.  Be assertive one more time.  Hold on, that it would all work out.  So we did.  I threw out one more email, my husband made one more phone call.  When the push back and fights came from the builder we chose to be zen and hold onto faith instead.  You know what?  It worked.

We finally felt those scales tip in our favor.  Just enough for us to grab a hold and pull, no thanks to our builder.

After 11 months from the Hubby breaking ground and a month after moving in we will close on our first home.  The funny thing, Monday would have been my ex-husband’s and I’s 7th wedding anniversary.  The Hubby and I find this a bit amusing.  A new way to celebrate that day with a positive spin.

Send the good juju my way.

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