27 Weeks- Concerts

I knew going into this summer that I wouldn’t spend it like I have spent most summers.  That is just reality.  There were a few things that I was seriously looking forward to though and last weeks Kenny Chesney concert was one of them.  Now, if you don’t like him, or live under a rock and don’t know who he is, then you are wrong and I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.  If the Husband would let me name this little nugget, inhabiting my body, Chesney, I would do it.  He won’t, I tried.  Moving on though, concert.

I’m a member of the fan club (quit judging), which got me floor seats, about 20 rows back, with a few others who joined me.  We also made a lot of new friends of the drunk variety by the end of the night.  I pulled on a new KC t-shirt over bump, got a couple of bottles of water and proceeded to dance, sing and scream at the top of my lungs with my new-found friends.  I smelled like a keg by the end of the night, the bottom of my shoes were sticky with God only knows what, my voice was hoarse and no one was near their seats as we all mixed into one big dance party.

Not only was the concert just pure greatness, as always, it was a few hours that I could lose myself a bit.  I could feel normal and the focus wasn’t on impending baby.  You don’t realize how much your life slowly becomes about that. People want to ask you questions, it is an obvious go-to topic, and you are suddenly labeled the pregnant person in the room whether you want to be or not.  I can’t escape it.  Sure, it is nice every now and then but I just want people to talk to me about something unrelated sometimes and not stare at my bump at the same time.  I don’t want people putting their judging eyes on me, treating me like I’m breakable, and acting like boundary lines don’t exist.  I’m over it quite frankly.  So for one night, it was gone, and I enjoyed every fucking minute of it.

How did baby do?  From the moment the music started pumping, she didn’t stop moving and grooving.  She literally went non-stop until we hit the bed at 2am.  She is truly my kid.  That 6am alarm sucked pretty bad but I was grateful for one thing, the lack of a hangover that I surely would have had if I wasn’t pregnant.  The good news is, the next concert that comes around, I will have all the rum and happily take the following day off of work to nurse my hangover.


5 thoughts on “27 Weeks- Concerts

  1. I saw Kenny C a few weeks ago when he did his one Canadian performance! It was an outdoor concert in a park and it was soooo good! That man can perform!! He was actually spotted a few times wandering around in the crowd while Jake Owen was opening up for him. How many artists actually brave the huge crowd without the fear of being swarmed? It’s awesome that you got up and danced the night away! That’s what you should be doing! Belly be damned!! For me, we brought a blanket and chose to lay it out in the grass a little farther away from the stage and we sat and enjoyed it all.

    Totally get what you mean about once the belly really starts showing, baby being the only thing that people want to talk to you about. I constantly complain to my husband that I’m more than just the big huge baby inside of me and that I want to talk to people about things other than how I’m feeling, what names we have picked out, what it feels like when he moves, etc. If I can go a day without having to talk about the unborn baby, it would be a miracle! I can completely see why, once the baby is out, some people naturally fall into the habit of talking only about their child and not being able to talk about anything else. We’ve been fine tuned to be that way from the day people find out we are pregnant! I’m going to fight it with every ounce of strength I have!!

    1. Kenny gives the best concerts! I think this was my 9th one or so:) I can’t believe he just went around the crowd. That is so cool. This was probably the smallest venue I have been to for one of this concerts which was quite a change but really nice.
      You said it perfectly, I’m more than the baby I’m growing. I had an identity and so forth beforehand and yes, I will have my own identity after baby. While nice of people to ask about baby, I’m so sick of that conversation. On repeat:)

      1. My sister and I were sitting on our blanket and I looked over and said “that guy looks like he’s trying to be Kenny Chesney…” and we just laughed because there were SO many Kenny wannabes there, and turned back to Jake Owen’s performance. and then I heard about an hour later that it WAS Kenny wandering around! Not my brightest moment!

        Hehehe toootally agree with the conversation on repeat. Maybe we need signs to hang around our necks that answer all the standard questions! And then at the end it can say “now if you want to talk to me about something non-baby related I’ll be more than happy to reply.” I know it’s easy to say that we won’t be all about talking about baby once they are born, because we don’t really know what we are in for, but I am making a big effort to not become like that after having a few friends who seemed to lose all sense of themselves and it became all about the baby all the time. A simple “how are you doing” would be followed by a description of how the baby is doing. Uhm…not quite what I was asking about but…okay? So that’s my goal!

  2. the concert sounds like a blast even if you weren’t able to do it up like you did pre-baby! no hangover in the morning? Score, right?! file under #littlethings 😉 xo

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