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I remember reading an article somewhere when I first had Cora.  It stated that having a newborn does not mean your home needs to turn into a world of chaos.  I have watched friends have babies and their world did just that, turned to chaos.  Laundry piled in the corners, dishes stacked high, the look of dishevelment on their face.  People told me I would barely shower, chores would fall to the wayside…life would be chaos.

I just knew our life could not become chaos.  I remember reading that statement and thinking, yes, someone agrees with me that I don’t have to lose my shit to continue surviving. The Husband and I are not people who can handle settling for chaos and no control.  We are Type A, we don’t have it in us for loss of control.

Six months in and I want to say this, it is true, your world does not have to be chaos.  If you are reading this as the new or expecting parent, I will tell you it is okay.  A newborn does not need it to be chaos and neither does an infant.  I have managed a shower everyday.  The laundry gets put away, the dog hair vacuumed, the dishes washed and put away each night, the counters wiped down and half the time the bed gets made.

When Cora came we just had to learn to adjust.  We take advantage of nap times and you know what, sometimes she has to just sit and entertain herself while the dishwasher gets unloaded or supper made.  My Husband pitches in more and we have learned to work together a bit more efficiently.

Sure, there are weeks where it is harder than others and days where I collapse into bed, knowing I didn’t get it all done but 95% of the time, we are good.  This week the dog has an inflamed pancreas and the Husband has influenza B.  I’m on my own and I’m exhausted.  Puking dog, vet visits, quarantined husband and all the Clorox in the world.  This week, it has been chaos.  Next week, we will get back to normal.

Sure, my sister lives with us to help but she has her own full-time job and has started dating (Oh my God the world of online dating!) She has a thing called life but is good help to wrangle Cora in jammies and read her a few stories while I change clothes.

Just like with anything else, it is what you make of it. There can be down days.  Monday, I napped when she napped because sometimes Mommy needs a nap too.  We have our days where she sits outside in the swing for an hour, watching the trees move in the wind, so I do too.   And in all honesty, I don’t think babies prefer chaos anymore than adults do.