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A few weeks ago my day care provider told me she was pregnant with her second child and quickly followed it up with her social media announcements.  To be fair, she wasn’t joking, she shows very early and it is hard to keep that a secret on her.  Personally, I still would have kept it off social media for a bit but that is a different story.  Either way I am happy for her and her family.

This morning I walked into her home and she tells me she has been bleeding and cramping for the past two days.  She is at 12 weeks now and just had an appointment a week ago where everything looked good.  She mentioned that she called her doctor but isn’t going to go in because, in her words, If I miscarry, oh well, we will just try again. 

I was slightly startled.  I stood there trying to find words.  I went from feeling horrible for her to being slightly horrified.  How could she be so dismissive about it?  I asked her how she honestly felt, thinking she was just hiding her feelings.  It happens and what is meant to be will be.  I can just get pregnant again. 

Everyone is different.  Everyone has a different perspective.  We all have different paths.  She is able to get pregnant easily.  She can accept things differently than me.

I still wanted to puke a bit.

I just walked out in a bit of shock.  Her final words I’ll call ya if something happens.

Like she will call when she decides what she is making for dinner.  Okie dokie.

Apparently the life of a fertile is a little different.